Special Spring Prizes for You

I’ve got a spring in my step; do you? The first day of spring has that effect!

How will you celebrate the start of spring? Submit a comment to our blog by Wednesday, April 4, to let us know. One lucky teacher will be randomly selected to win these special spring-themed prizes: the new book Spectacular Spring: All Kinds of Spring Facts and Fun from Henry Holt plus a set of Hello Nature Activity Cards from Laurence King Publishing. Both are packed with fun ideas to get you and your students inspired about the outdoors.

Of course this week’s freebies are super special, too. Check these out:

With Booktrack, your students can read and write stories with a soundtrack. This free program allows students to add music and audio, plus you can check out the lesson plan library. Visit info.booktrackclassroom.com/teachers.


Planet Nutshell features a free library of short animated videos on everything from long division to linear equations. Check out the math shorts and more at planetnutshell.com/education-library.



Ready to save a few dollars? Ready to clean out a few closets? Check out the Buy Nothing Project. Post anything you have to give away or ask for anything you’re in need of. It’s at buynothingproject.org.



I’ll be celebrating spring in the park. I have a brand new bouncy ball and I’m ready to use it!

Happy spring,


PS: Current contests are ending and new contests are starting at Learning magazine. Take a look!

33 thoughts on “Special Spring Prizes for You

  1. How do we get to celebrate the first day of spring?
    Mandatory online practice testing for the upcoming high stakes test.
    Boo Hoo!

  2. We celebrated the first day of spring with a guest author Ronda Friend. She talked about conflict and forgiveness, unconditional love and acceptance. Her music both amused and captured the children’s interest.

  3. My district is celebrating Texas Public Schools Week. Each day has an activity related to Texas. No spring celebration. We will be doing spring-related activities starting next week though.

  4. In my home daycare we celebrate by jumping in mud puddles
    and playing outside when it feels warmer and we aren’t wearing 10 pounds of winter clothes

  5. We are celebrating the arrival of Spring this morning at our 2 Tiny Tales story times with reading aloud picture book stories of the season, and crafting a paper birdhouse windsock with rainbow streamers.

  6. we celebrate the first day of spring by planting flowers and watching them grow and then each child takes them home.

  7. It seems we in Pennsylvania are celebrating the start of spring with a foot of snow. Yesterday we read snow books instead of spring books to prepare our kiddos. Here’s hoping spring isn’t too far away!

  8. Our First Day of Spring in West Paducah, KY was cloud and snowy. It felt like the First Day of Winter instead. Lol! I have a special coloring connect the dots page I like to hand out every year. The children love it. It’s a picture of a robin catching a worm.

  9. We celebrate spring with a classroom garden. Beautiful flowers and veggies are the catalyst for great lessons that integrate science, math, and literature!

  10. During spring break I am going to the Great Wolf Lodge in Garden Grove. It is near Disneyland. I live in southern CA so it is a staycation! My birthday is the next week so we will be celebrating that too. I can’t wait!!

  11. We celebrate the start of spring by beginning our Life Science unit on life cycles. What better time to talk about and investigate life cycles than in spring.

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