Songs at My Fingertips!

My preschoolers love to learn and sing new songs! We sing during circle time, we sing before centers, we sing while waiting to use the bathroom, and we sing to say good-bye to our friends! Whew, what a lot of singing that is. I am always on the lookout for fun, engaging songs that my little ones can easily learn and remember. I especially love for them to learn about a new season or topic through songs. During our busy day, I often stick with familiar favorite songs. Sometimes I jot down on a sticky note song lyrics that I saw in a book or online. Somehow that little sticky note always disappears and I go back to my old standbys!

With The Mailbox Gold, I can search for songs by topic, theme, or skill and save them to a collection. Once I find everything I am looking for, I can simply print the entire collection of songs! Not only are the songs super-cute, but they print on handy cards and come with all of the necessary patterns or instructions. Here is a picture of my most recent collections:

fall songs screenshot

Each time I found a song that I wanted to use, I added it to my collection. Now all I have to do is click “Print!”

I am so excited to add more collections to my Gold subscription.

You can make planning easier too! To go Gold, click here.


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