Snow Gridlock

mittensHere in the south, a teeny bit of snow can throw a wrench into things. It’s not that we’re wimps or that our blood is thinner than Minnesotans—well, honestly, I can’t verify either of those things. What comes to my mind are words like inexperienced and unprepared. And really, when Mother Nature decides to shake her bag of flakes, there’s really no stopping her! My mittens are off to the educators and school bus drivers who spent last night making sure students stranded at school were safe and well cared for. Actions such as these inspire me to proclaim my teacher pride from the tip-top of a snowy knoll! (You must understand, it’s fairly flat around here.) How about you?



2 thoughts on “Snow Gridlock

  1. We are just frozen here in Michigan. On my 6th weather day of the month. This has never happened here. Snow days yes but never this many.
    My hats are off to the teachers and drivers who kept those kids safe,

  2. We are frozen here in North Dakota but have missed only 1 day when wind chills were -60 below. We are used to the cold temps and have block heaters on our cars to keep engines warm at night. We can’t plug in a school so have to go out at lunch time to start the car to let it run so it starts after school. We go out for recess until it reaches -5 or -10 below. We have had tooooo many inside recess days this year. Yep…tooo many. Our school district only buses special needs buses and high schoolers that come from the base-so we don’t have the number of students on buses like others do and have to worry about in colder temps. That would be scary. Well keep warm!

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