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Blog-Kim-SeussCheck out this photo of my fellow blogger, Kim. Bet you smiled! When I ran across this app last week, I couldn’t resist buying it. Dr. Seuss is timely throughout the year. However, with his birthday celebration coming up next week, this app was just too much to resist. There are only two possible hiccups. You must have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to use it. And you’ll have to invest a buck and ninety-nine cents. My two cents? I say, “Go for it!” Just think of the fun you’ll have creating Dr. Seuss characters featuring your kiddos smiling faces. There are 16 different frames to choose from. Click here for the scoop!

For more Dr. Seuss fun, be sure to take a peak at our offerings. You can print, download, or pin over 100 Dr. Seuss activities by clicking here. And we also have a fun-filled Dr. Seuss Pinterest board. Check it out here.

So who’s celebrating Dr. Seuss next week?



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