Slow Down, 2012

Is it just me, or did someone set the 2012 calendar to “Stun”?

Really? It’s the middle of the second week of May already? Where did this come from? I’m stunned. If you’re feeling the same way, then I think it’s a good idea if I get a few items of looming summer business out of the way.

The first thing I want to mention is that The Mailbox never closes (well, we do send employees home for the weekend). Open 24/7, is always ready when teaching inspiration strikes. So whether you teach year round or on a traditional schedule, if you’re thinking about a lesson plan, we’re here to help. Or, if you have a few free minutes to browse before heading to the beach, come see what we’re featuring and you might find yourself planning a decimals and fractions drill you won’t need until next spring!

Second, this summer we’re planning to do things a little differently. In summers past, we’ve offered summer-themed activities on our Featured Resources pages. During the summer months, we’ll spotlight plenty of ideas and activities you can use in your classroom any time. Stop at The Mailbox in June and July to see the kinds of resources you’ll want to keep for those unexpected moments, as well as resources you can plan an entire unit around.

Third, in recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week and all the talented and dedicated teachers in The Mailbox family, I want to tell you now to enjoy the remainder of the school year with your students. Have they been a joy? Have they been a challenge? Has this year’s class been as unique as every other one you’ve taught? I’ll bet they have been!

Finally, I hope you’ve got a restful summer planned for yourself. Get out in the sun and recharge your batteries. (You are solar-powered, aren’t you?) Read a good book that has nothing to do with school. See some movies that don’t require you to think. Or see some movies that require you to think differently. Laugh a lot with your family and friends. And if there’s a topic you wish I’d cover here, please let me know.

Rest easy. The Mailbox “has your back.”

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