See It, Learn It: Win This Book for Visual Teaching

What can an emoji tell you at a glance? Lots! Bringing visual communication and learning into your classroom can be powerful for your students. Infographics, diagrams, icons, maps, timelines, visual journals—so many possibilities!



Visual Learning and Teaching (Free Spirit Press) by Susan Daniels, PhD, has lots of ideas to get you started. Want to win a copy? Submit a comment to our blog by October 10, 2018, and paste in an emoji to share how you’re feeling today. (Emojis not working? No worries, just let us know what emoji you would have pasted in and we’ll pretend it’s there!) One teacher will be randomly selected to win. 🙂



Here are some other great contests and resources to check out this week:

Early childhood teachers, mark your calendar for the annual National Association for the Education of Young Children conference. This year it’s in Washington, DC, from November 14–17. You’ll have a chance to meet teachers from across the country, swap ideas, and see what’s new. The early bird discount ends on October 12. Learn more at

Hook your students on learning with a quick video clip. ClassHook provides a quick and easy way to find educational clips that reinforce science, math, social-emotional learning, and more. Just type in the topic and see what you find. It’s free! Try it at



Ready to redo your classroom? Lakeshore can help! With the Flex-Space Giveaway Contest one lucky teacher will win a $15,000 Lakeshore Flex-Space classroom, including design, furniture, and installation. Plus three runners-up each will win $500 Lakeshore gift cards. Get all of the details and enter at by October 12. Good luck!


I’m sending a big smiley face to everyone; have a great week!


PS: There’s still time to win a set of 30 books from Disney Books. This month’s collection focuses on history. Click here.

22 thoughts on “See It, Learn It: Win This Book for Visual Teaching

  1. Since visual students learn best when their sense of sight is engaged,I create assignments and activities that allow them to develop and apply their visual information handling skills by using their abilities to organize images for display,manipulate or transform existing images. In addition, I allow time after teaching for the students to close their eyes and visualize what they have just read or learned.
    Me,I’m feeling super wonderful ????

  2. Thank you for sharing this resource! I will definitely check it out for ideas that can enhance my instruction in my specialized classroom. (Insert thumbs up!)

  3. My emoji for today is disappointed. I received an e-mail from my administrator about a lesson I was doing with my students criticizing my method. A suggestion in person would have made much ore sense. It is not even my observation year!

  4. As a very visual person I could love to learn how to weave that into my teaching. Today I’m feeling and loving the fall air. ????

  5. The young children in my program would greatly benefit from visual environment and curriculum. This medium represents possibly the most versatile and dominant learning style of varied developmental levels in children. My emoji would have been a happy and hopeful image.

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