Searching for Fall

On Wednesday this week, I’m leaving for a trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (the U.P.), where I’m hoping to see some fall colors and experience cooler weather. As you can imagine, we don’t have either of those things in North Carolina right now. The last I checked, the temperature in the UP was getting down in the 50s at night—so I see a snuggly sweatshirt in my future. I am beyond excited! To send out good fall vibes, please recite this action chant with your students and think fall thoughts! If they have a heat wave in the UP, I’m blaming you all for not following directions. 😉

Fall Is Coming!

Cooler weather— (Hug self and shiver.)
Wear a sweater. (Run hands down arms.)
Leaves turn red and brown. (Hold arms overhead)
Windy breezes (Sweep arms back and forth.)
In the “tree-zes.” (Continue sweeping.)
Leaves fall to the ground! (Flutter fingers down to the floor.)

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