It’s Winter Break!

Hooray, yippee-skippee, and bravo! It’s holiday break which means it’s okay to let your hair down! You know, flop down on the couch and not feel guilty. Join your friends for lunch in a real restaurant. Oh, and hang up (or bury) that teacher bag. The bag is off limits for at least a week.

Okay, now that I’ve told you what I think you should do, I’d like to hear what you’re hoping to do during your much-deserved holiday break. Hopefully you’ll find time for the three R’s—resting, relaxing, and rejuvenating!

Wishing you all the best!


8 thoughts on “It’s Winter Break!

  1. My family and Myself are going to our summer home in Florida for three whole weeks.
    Both my husband and I enjoy seafood dishes…well time to pack.Lol.

  2. I want to finish all the assignments for the last gratuate class, clean the garage and the house and sleep late every day. Of course, I will visit the local Humane Society and play with the cats every day. My cats don’t mindwhen I come home smelling of their sisters still at the shelter.

  3. I have a stack of books that are just waiting to be read, yeah and some back to school planning but not until the end of next week.

  4. It was suppose to be spending time with my daughter and four grandchildren, in the kitchen baking Christmas cookies and singing christmas carols, helping my husband with our dj/kj gigs,, dining out with family & friends, and attending holiday parties. But no, instead I’m under house arrest until Jan 3rd,.because i have the flu.

    Today is the 1st day all week I’ve actually felt like doing anything and have been able to get through the day without too much couching to wrap the gifts. My husband and son will be making the deliveries to grandma’s nursing home, and my daughter and her family. While i reain home with the three dogs in front of the tv.

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