School Superheros

Blog-ScarecrowThis week is American Education Week. The weeklong celebration spotlights public education and the village of individuals who work tirelessly to make sure all children receive a quality education.

Events are slated for each day of the week. Tomorrow, parents are invited into classrooms to experience what a school day is like for children. On Thursday, community members, with the guidance of school employees, are invited to try their hand at being teachers for the day. I’d love to be a fly on the wall of a participating classroom to see that!

Wednesday, November 18, is a day to honor educational support professionals. These are the folks who I call the behind-the-scenes school superheros. Just imagine how your school days would be affected if there were no food services or custodial services? Or what if you were responsible for the clerical work required to run a school?

Here’s hoping you’ll take a few minutes to remind your school’s support staff just how important they are to you and your kiddos. Use this programmable note if you like!




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