Scary? Not So Much!

Scarecrows creep me out. I love fall, so it’s a “good creepy” and not a “bad creepy.” But there’s just something about a scarecrow standing out in a field with its ragged clothes and blank face that gives me the shivers. My opinions are the product of way too many horror movies.

Do you know what helps me change my mind about scarecrows? The Mailbox’s “Fall” board on Pinterest! (My name is Kim, and I’m addicted to Pinterest.) I popped on there this morning and found these two adorable scarecrow ideas you’ll totally want to use this fall. If you aren’t friends with The Mailbox on Pinterest, you really should be! Our editors post the best teacher ideas, tips, and funnies every day.


Psh, who could be scared of these cute little fellas? (Click on each image to take you to the corresponding website with project directions.)

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