Say Zoop! Win This Book

Some words are just fun to say; serendipity, zoink, lollygag, and superfluous are among my favorites. With Say Zoop! by Hervé Tullet , I’ve added a new, super-fun word to my list. (Go ahead, you know you want to say it, zoop, zoop, zoop….)

You probably know Tullet’s other books, including Press Here, Mix It Up! and Let’s Play! If you’d like to add Say Zoop! to your bookshelf, submit a comment to this blog and let us know what one of your favorite words is. Send your comment by Tuesday, January 16, to be included in our random drawing.

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Don’t lollygag, submit your comment now!


32 thoughts on “Say Zoop! Win This Book

  1. I cannot wait to read ZOOP! One of my favorite words to say is “Kaddywhompus” which means not straight or not level … wobbly … as in “my rocking chair was kaddywhompus because something was stuck underneath it…”
    Happy New Year Mailbox … we are all blessed to have resources coming our way from you in the New Year!!!!

  2. Woot woot is one of my regulars at the moment. Of course you have to raise the roof with both arms as you say it! Please continue these awesome opprtunities for us to learn about resources (and win!!) l. Happy New Year!

  3. My favorite word is a word my daughter uses and is when she get hungry “hangry” meaning she is angry and hungry a deadly combination .

  4. My favorite word is ponder. I just love to see my first graders tap their chins and ponder the meaning of a word, an answer to a math problem, oh just about anything!

  5. Happy New Year! Sounds like a great word and book! Thanks for the opportunity to win! One of my favorite words is “thingamabob”! Thanks again!

  6. My favorite word is thingamajig. My kinders love new words even though they don’t know how to say them or understand them. They think they are funny.

  7. My top 3: Nugget (my daughter answers to that), schnookums (that too) and woshcol’um (The term my great grandmother used for “thingy”, “whatever his name is” or “whatever you call it”).

  8. I always say dadgumit or boogidy-boo or puhleeeze. Now that I think about it, I feel like I am speaking my own language. Haha.

  9. Oh my goodness! Is a favorite, I say it a lot and the kids in my class have been saying it a lot too. Especially when there’s a spill! Which happens a lot ????

  10. Oh my goodness! Is a favorite, I say it a lot and the kids in my class have been saying it a lot too. Especially when there’s a spill! Which happens a lot ????

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