Run, Run as Fast as You Can!

Today’s December topic is the Gingerbread Man. You know, that brave cookie that thinks he can outrun anyone or anything! Well, he’s outrun me and for now I’m fine with that because I have something even better to offer you. Check out the links below—all follow-ups to that sneaky cookie’s tale!

a cut-and-glue sequencing activity (pictures)

a story recall worksheet

a gingerbread glyph follow-up activity

a story starter so kiddos can write their versions of the story

a  chart for comparing different version of the story

Sniff, sniff…..I think I smell gingerbread!


4 thoughts on “Run, Run as Fast as You Can!

  1. II make this story one of my December Themes. I love reading/telling this story and the children enough it too because I bring in my stuffed Gingerbread Man and let the children take turns being the g Gingerbread Man during our story time. They love it. We complete the theme by baking Gingerbread Cookies and making GingerBread Houses.

  2. I do a whole week of the gingerbread man. I even put gingerbread mix in the sensory table. At the end of the week we decorate gingerbread men. We make gingerbread dolls by cutting the doll from brown paper bags the kids lace and decorate him. We stuff them with cotton balls dipped in ginger spice. Fun fun

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