Rough Day?

Today is the day after Halloween. That means your students are either stuck to the ceiling on a sugar high or are slumped over in your circle time area after the inevitable crash. (Hey, at least this isn’t combined with the effects of a full moon.) You might be wishing you had a bottle of wine to drink during your very very brief lunch break. But you know that this craziness won’t last. Take a deep breath and say to yourself, “Tomorrow is a new day.” And that might be the perfect day to bring out this simple behavior motivation activity: 


Place a stack of notecards next to a container. When you notice a student going above and beyond expectations, make a note of it. Write the date on the note, fold the note in half, and put it in the container. Invite students to participate also! On days when students aren’t showing their best selves, take a break and pull some of the notes from the container. Read them aloud, reminding students what exceptional behavior looks like. 

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