Roses, Belly Breaths, and Candles

What do roses, belly breaths, and candles have in common? They all play a role in a great calming technique I learned during an early childhood conference a few years back. And trust me; this technique isn’t just for the little ones. I’ve put it to use plenty of times myself. But I’ll explain that in a sec. Here’s how the technique goes. Hold an imaginary rose in one hand and an imaginary lit candle in the other. Take a great big ole sniff of the rose—what I like to call a belly breath. When your belly is about to pop, slowly exhale toward the candle, blowing out the imaginary flame. Repeat a few times, and voilà—a sense of calmness ensues.

When things get hectic in the classroom, simply take a few minutes and smell the roses with your kiddos. Personally, I find the technique very useful at bedtime. The next time you’re dog tired and your mind just keeps on keepin’ on, smell the rose and blow out the candle! It sure works for me!

Please share your favorite go-to calming technique.


2 thoughts on “Roses, Belly Breaths, and Candles

  1. My husband is a retired State Trooper and they were taught relaxation techniques as they face many a stressfull situation.
    The one technique that helps me when i cant sleep is to stretch your arms and legs out as far as you can for 10 seconds and relax and then repeat 3 times. It always relaxes me and helps me fall asleep 🙂

  2. In the classroom I start singing everyone do this do this do this everyone do this just like me. I usually start with jumping, then stomp your feet, clap your hands then I start lowering my voice and we spin slowly, then we sit and clap our thighs very softly, Then I whisper the song and put my hands in my lap next is several deep breathes and I end with now we are ready to listen.

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