It’s official—you need to relax over winter break. But don’t take my word for it. Check out this article on avoiding burnout. Fortunately for you, I have several suggestions for relaxation. Here you go:

Kim’s Official Relaxation Recommendations

1. Take a bubble bath. You get bonus points if you read a book while relaxing in the tub.

2. Watch a movie while wearing fuzzy pants and socks. Fuzzy clothing enhances relaxation.

3. Read a book. (See notes above about fuzzy clothing.)

4. Eat foods that bring you joy. I recommend cheese and chocolate.

5. Get at least eight hours of sleep a night. Sleep helps us avoid stress and future health issues! (Okay, I know that eating cheese and chocolate won’t help with health issues either, but we’ll just conveniently overlook that this week.)

6. Snuggle with your pets.

7. Spend time with a favorite hobby! It’s tough to think about work when you’re quilting, scrapbooking, baking, or building miniatures.


How do you relax over winter break?

3 thoughts on “RELAX!

  1. I do love to read and sit around in my favorite pjs — but I live in South Texas, so it doesn’t exactly get cold here. I wear the warm fuzzy pjs anyway!
    I also enjoy the college bowl games. 🙂

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