Relax and Reflect

Imagine this. You’re sitting in full view of the Atlantic Ocean, peering from the porch of an ocean front rental on the North Carolina beach. Yeppers! That’s where I’m at and lovin’ it. I thought I would bring you along with me! There’s something about the beauty and massiveness of the ocean, that for me, brings great perspective to day-to-day events. I’ve often thought I’d love to live here, and yet I wonder if this beautiful place would somehow lose it’s majestic qualities when it becomes the backdrop for the hurry and scurry of every day life. (Well, there’s also the money thing!)

In just a few days I will celebrate a milestone that’s makes me smile. A round number of years ago I closed up my classroom in Washington state, placed my belongings and my kitty cat in a Dodge Colt and drove across the country to North Carolina. Why? The Mailbox was calling! Thus began another chapter in my life that allowed me to pursue my passion—making learning a fun and positive experience for kiddos. I feel so fortunate!

This morning I want to thank YOU for sharing your passion, endless hours, and tears of both joy and frustration in today’s classrooms. There’s no denying it can be a rocky ride at times, and yet in your heart you know every ounce of effort is so deserved by our children.

Give yourself a pat on the back and indulge yourself in something chocolaty and I’ll do the same! If you have a minute, please share a current, past, or future milestone that brings a smile.

Love ya!


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2 thoughts on “Relax and Reflect

  1. I am celebrating 29 years in May and a new chapter as of July 30, 2016- a new job in Arizona- reading teacher and so a huge move. Like you, Arizona called to me and I answered.

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