Ready to Smile?

Today, July 17, is World Emoji Day. In celebration I want to share a tickle-your-funny-bone emoji tale.

If you remember, about a year ago I posted a blog describing  my hesitancy to use certain emojis because I wasn’t exactly sure what they represented. Well, consider this misuse of an emoji: A certain someone I know routinely texts her three adult kids when there’s a celebratory event. On this day, which happened to be National Chocolate Day, she prepared a group text wishing her kiddos a “Happy National Chocolate Day.” As she was scrolling through the emojis on her phone, she noticed what looked like a cartoony chocolate kiss. So of course she added it to her text message. Except it wasn’t a chocolate kiss—it was the pile of poo emoji! Ha, ha! I guess Mom didn’t have her glasses on! Needless to say her kids are not letting her forget that text!

So what’s your take on emojis? Love ‘em? Hate ‘em? Use ‘em in the classroom? Maybe you have a fun emoji tale to share? It’s World Emoji Day! Let’s talk emojis!



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