Reading Takes Me Places, How About You?

March is National Reading Month so I’m going to blab briefly about my love of reading. Not too much, just a little bit. Reading for me is inexpensive adventure. I’ve wiggled my toes in the sandy beaches of Australia, hiked the Pacific Coast Trail (where I tangled with a bear!), sprinted down dark alleys, and danced the night away in Antigua all while reading. Sometimes it’s just darn exhausting. Ha!

So what about you and your kiddos? What are some of your favorite reading adventures? What tips do you have instilling a love of reading in children?

Hooray for National Reading Month!


2 thoughts on “Reading Takes Me Places, How About You?

  1. My 7 year old granddaughter absolutely LOVES visiting the library. I remember as a young girl going to the library too and having it be a highlight of the day/week. I had my favorite authors and would read their books over and over.
    I read aloud to my class and use voices. They love it. I try and find chapter books that have a cliff hanger at the end of chapters so they can’t wait for me to read again to find out what happens.

  2. I love to read and I have instilled it in my children too. I read to my children while in the womb and to them each night before bed every day since they arrived in the world.outside the womb. My oldest was able to read at the third grade level at three years old. We would take turns every night reading a Little Golden book. His brother and sister joined us as they learned to read at the earl age of three as well. We’ve traveled through the looking glass, the hundred acres woods, the sherwood forest and visited dozen of castles and meet princes and princess along the way. We traveled to the moon and outer space, to Mulberry street and all the other places you can go. My daughter now reads to her children and grandma read to them too. My granddaughter loves reads to grandpa and grandpa when she’s staying at our house. My son just recently told me he remembers me reading them chapter books and how they couldn’t wait till bedtime to hear what happened next. I am still an avid reader today reading my textbooks for class ans and having a book on the side for pleasure. i get excited now every time I see a book i think my two year students may enjoy. Their favorite so far is Pete the Cat, My Four Groovy Buttons. They love singing it to me.

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