Raiding My Own Stuff!

I brought my own supplies to work  today, and it brought back memories of when I was in the classroom! I noticed that we were out of gray tempera paint here at The Mailbox, and I needed it to transform a paper plate into a hippo. (When I say things like that, it makes me realize how others might view my job as a little odd.) Yes, yes, I realize that I could just mix white paint and black paint to make gray, but I knew I had some gray paint at home. So I grabbed the gray acrylic paint from my craft room and brought it to work. My hippo project turned out very cute and will be in your upcoming June/July issue of The Mailbox magazine Preschool edition.

When I worked in a classroom, I used to bring in my own supplies all the time, particularly facial tissues. We were always running out of tissues, so I would grab a box from some random room in my apartment and take it to work. (Thus I would frequently run out of tissues at home and resort to using toilet paper to blow my nose.) I also remember grabbing tape, staples, napkins, paper plates, and lots of other supplies that I needed for my class. Fortunately, I had a lot of helpful parents who would bring in extra supplies. I even had a parent buy a circle-time carpet one year. My old rug was pretty sketchy and not just a little smelly.

What do you run out of—other than time and cheesecake?


4 thoughts on “Raiding My Own Stuff!

  1. tissue of course, paperplates for crafts, you name it I bring from home and goodness then I hit dollar stores and grab the goggley eyes and other supplies. My board allows me to purchase whatever I need and the parents always help too. But if I forget I just grab it and buy. I have even had to bring butter from home for cooking. A lot of people borrow supplies from work teachers supply their job. LOL

  2. Staplers! They grow legs and walk off or sometimes they just break! I am always on the look out for staplers at garage sales!

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