Puppy Power

Blog-DoggieI have a great idea! Actually, my idea isn’t totally original, but I think you’ll like it! Here’s the backstory. I really wanted to write a blog about puppies. Why? Well, because I love puppies and today, March 23, is National Puppy Day. But how was I going to weave puppies into education? That’s when I reached out to Google. Low and behold, I found my connection!

Come to find out, there are colleges in the United States and in Canada that have been bringing in furry reinforcements (a.k.a. puppies) to help students cope with the stress of final exams. There’s even a Japanese study that suggests students perform better on tests after first spending some time with puppies or kittens. Now that’s nifty!

My idea? Bring puppies into public schools to help teachers de-stress prior to the weekend. Also let students play with puppies before they take important end-of-the-grade tests. I guess that’s two ideas!

Whatcha think?



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