Pugs and Kittens

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away, and stores are overflowing with valentine candy, cards, and gifts. Did you know that among teachers, children, mothers, wives, sweethearts, and pets (aaaah!), teachers receive the most valentines of all? How sweet is this!

Here’s another tasty valentine tidbit. This year’s batch of Sweethearts conversation heart candies includes eight new conversation starters. What’s really cool is that three of the phrases are kid created! NECCO, the manufacturer of Sweethearts candies ran a contest for kids ages 5–7, 8–10, and 11–12. The kid-created phrases came from the contest winner in each age group. Very fun!

 Of  the eight new conversation starters, which one is your favorite?

N 2 U!


 PS: The kid-created phrases are “PUGS & KITTENS,” “LUV 2 DANCE,” and “GIRL POWER.” (By the way, “TE AMO” is “I love you” in Spanish and “JE T’AIME” is “I love you” in French!)


6 thoughts on “Pugs and Kittens

  1. BFF … Perfect for all my best little friends forever!
    I have to add, I think they should have one that says, “Facebook me” one with a thumb up symbol. HappY Valentines!!!

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