Positively Process Art!

Adult process art and preschool process art!

Adult process art and preschool process art!

Process art is the BEST! Why? Because it’s calming. It doesn’t cause frustration like many craft-related experiences. (Think: “I have to cut out all those pieces!?” and “Mine doesn’t look like it’s supposed to!” ) It allows children to explore the senses. And it lets youngsters experience success. Although some children frequently have successful experiences, we all know that others need all the encouragement possible to help them grow personally and socially.

I can actually make an argument that process art has a positive influence on adults as well. I love to art journal, and most of my art journaling is process art. I smear paint with my fingers and paste random things down without any thought to the product. I also make samples of preschool process art for The Mailbox magazine. Both experiences are completely relaxing!

So the next time you have children at a center making process art, try making it with them! While you’re at it, you can emphasize how creating is good for the heart and soul.

But hey, you might need some process art ideas! Do you know we have over 200 of them in our online library? Click here to check them out!


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