Poppy, Dutch, and Barry?

Blog-BalloonsWho are Poppy, Dutch, and Barry?  Here’s a hint. Today, federal offices and banks are closed in recognition of these men and 41 others. Yeppers, they’ve all been or are president of the United States. I never really thought about presidents having nicknames, but why wouldn’t they? Here are your clues. Poppy is Dubya’s dad. (Dubya also was a president.) Dutch was an actor before he became a public official. And Barry is married to our current First Lady.

As a kid, my nickname was Knute. I really don’t know why, but it stuck. What about you? What’s your nickname? Please share!

Happy Presidents’ Day!

Knute :+)

PS: “Poppy” is President George H. W. Bush, “Dutch” is President Ronald Reagan, and “Barry” is President Barack Obama


3 thoughts on “Poppy, Dutch, and Barry?

  1. My nickname is “SPUDS!” Because I love anything potato (baked, French fried, potato soup, hash browns, casserole…)

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