Pool Time!

This Thursday, July 11, is National Swimming Pool Day! What with the hot weather many people are experiencing, I’m thinking this is a holiday we should celebrate every day. And since a lot of us are quite a drive from the nearest body of water, swimming pools are the popular choice for cooling off. So whether you have a small wading pool, your own big pool, or access to the local public pool, take some time to have a refreshing dip. And check out these pool-themed activities from The Mailbox®!

In a large open area, place a plastic hoop (pool) at the end of a balance beam (diving board). Have youngsters line up at the end of the diving board opposite the pool. In turn, each child walks across the diving board and steps into the pool. As the pool begins to get full, announce, “Everybody out of the pool!” All the youngsters in the pool step out and move to the back of the line.



What should little ones bring to the pool? They’ll find out with this catchy song! Print the song cards here.


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