shopping-874974_960_720This past weekend, I went to a workshop for Operation Bedroll. That’s a group here in Greensboro, North Carolina, working to keep plastic bags out of the landfill and providing bedrolls for those experiencing homelessness. They create these bedrolls with plarn. (That would be a combination of the words plastic and yarn.)

So a group of us got together with pizza and wine and learned how to create plarn from plastic bags. Then we received a lesson on how to crochet the plarn into bedrolls. It was a great way to be helpful to the community—and we had a great time doing it!

All this makes me wonder—how do you encourage students to help your community? Do you have a food drive? Make cards for senior citizens? Have a recycling program? We’re getting close to the holidays, and that’s a traditional time for giving back. Perhaps we can share ideas, and you’ll find something you want to do with your class!


3 thoughts on “Plarn?

  1. We collect food for a food bank and have collected food items to be placed in book bags for kids to eat during spring break

  2. I’m in Harrisburg NC and am wondering who taught you how to do this. It seems like a great community service project. Is there a group or organization that would be willing to teach me and some friends? Can you point me in the direction of who I might be able to contact? Greensboro is only an hour a way I would be happy to come up and learn this unique skill and bring it to the Concord/charlotte area.

  3. I used to have my students make greeting cards (for the holidays) for the patients at Children’s Hospital. My brother was a patient there many years ago. The care and service he and the family received was wonderful! Some of my students were familiar with the hospital so it was not that hard for them to get excited about making the cards, I would deliver them myself and would get a letter the same day later, thanking the class for their donations.

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