Perfect Professional Development?

I spent this past weekend at a craft retreat with a bunch of like-minded people, and it reminded me of a few professional development experiences. Every once in a while, we would have professional development that helped address real classroom problems and gather helpful tips from coworkers. And the topics discussed helped us feel renewed and equipped with new ideas when we went back into the classroom. 

Now you and I know that this type of professional development isn’t the norm. Generally, we would spend way more time than necessary listening to a speaker who had absolutely nothing new to say. (Raise your hand if you would rather be getting work done in your classroom. Yep, me too.) 

If you could have the perfect professional development experience, what would that be? What would you want right now that would be the most helpful? Let’s share.

One thought on “Perfect Professional Development?

  1. The perfect professional development experiences are when we brainstorm & create hands-on activities for the students in all areas. We’ve got more activities to add to our repertoire; more hands-on ways to reach & teach the students!

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