One Thing Thursday

child-1720720_1280Since I have a thing for alliteration, I’m calling this idea “One Thing Thursday.” But honestly, the idea can be called “One Thing Monday,” “One Thing Tuesday,” “One Thing Wednesday,”—you get the idea. And here is the idea. Pick one day of the week and routinely invite students to respond in writing (or verbally for the little ones) to a “One Thing” question. Questions could include “What’s one thing you wish your teacher knew about you?” “What’s one thing you wish you’d never done?” “What’s one thing that always makes you smile?” “What’s one thing you’d like to learn more about?” and so on. Students can respond in their journals or answer on slips of paper and then drop the papers into a container. The latter works well when you think students might prefer to submit anonymous responses.

Give it try and let me know how it goes! I’ve discovered the activity to be a self-esteem booster, as well as a way to help students realize that their thoughts and ideas are valued.


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