One Sweet Bunny

chocolate bunnyI like bunnies. I enjoy watching furry bunnies. Where I live, they come out at dawn and dusk to nibble on something in my yard. I’m guessing it’s clover. I enjoy eating chocolate bunnies. If you know me at all, this comes as no surprise. However, I must admit, I approach a chocolate bunny a bit more reluctantly than I do a chocolate bar. There’s something about biting off the bunny’s ears that slows me down. Once the ears are gone, though, the hesitation is behind me. Here’s another bunny I like a whole bunch! This bunny project is from Ready for March, April, & May, one of our new books. Isn’t he adorable? The bunny is painted with a mixture of brown paint and glue and then sprinkled wReady_For_MAMith colorful confetti. Now there’s a chocolate bunny that fits right into my spring diet plans. Or, better yet, my (or your) spring lesson plans!



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