Office Overflow: Free Box of Books for One Lucky Teacher

Confession time: I have too many books. I love seeing what’s new and planning what to feature in Learning magazine and on the blog. But the time has come, and I need to get some of these books into teachers’ (and students’) hands. So a box of these books could be yours!

Submit a comment to this blog to let us know which of this week’s freebies and special items catch your interest. One lucky teacher will win a box of books especially for his or her grade level! To enter our random drawing, submit a comment by 11:59 pm EDT on Tuesday, March 25, 2014, and include your grade level. Good luck!  (Update: congratulations to Michele Downey, who was our winner!)

Here’s a new grant program just for teachers. Enter the Up & Learning grant for a chance to win $500. You can also download free ideas for healthy classroom celebrations, healthy snacks, healthy nonfood rewards, and more. It’s all from Action for Healthy Kids. Plus, when you sign up, you’ll receive updates on other grants and programs for schools. Enter now!


Did you know that, of the 50 million Americans living with autoimmune diseases, more than 75 percent are women? March is National Autoimmune Diseases Awareness Month. Take a moment to learn more about autoimmune diseases (there are more than 100!) at the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association website, Plus stay tuned for Common Core–aligned materials you can use to raise students’ awareness of these diseases as well.


It’s that time of year—get ready to Drop Everything and Read! This annual celebration in the month of April honors author Beverly Cleary, who first wrote about DEAR in Ramona Quimby, Age 8. Get free Common Core–aligned resources—including downloadables, activities, reading lists, and more—at Then get ready to read, read, read!



Time is running out to apply for the Office Depot Rewards of Teaching grant. One lucky teacher will receive a $500 Office Depot gift card, and ten runners-up will each receive a $50 Office Depot gift card. You’ll also get access to valuable coupons and free, teacher-tested ideas for keeping students organized, restocking depleted classroom supplies, getting students writing, and more. Visit by March 31, 2014, to sign up!



Looking for fresh ideas for the classroom novels you’re studying? Visit and check out Novel-Ties study guides, which provide research-proven strategies for teaching classroom novels. You’ll get the questions to ask, the issues to discuss, and tips to get the most out of every book. Take a look!


Don’t forget, let me know what your favorite items are from this week’s blog post. A box of books could be on its way to you!


513 thoughts on “Office Overflow: Free Box of Books for One Lucky Teacher

  1. My Goodness! Free material? Now that’s an Educators Dream! I am very interested in the free books you are offering as well as find useful D.E.A.R. as well as offers from Office Depot and especially the Learning Links Novel study guides!

  2. I love the National Dear day resources. There is nothing more rewarding than to see the fruits of all our efforts and enjoy the students reading all on their own!

  3. I love the idea of DEAR time. It is always exciting to have the kids discover new books.

    Free books would be a true blessing! I teach in a small private school where books are very scares we are trying hard to build our small libray. 3rd grade

  4. We DEAR several times a week with my Pre-K – 1st mixed group. My kids love books and devour any new books that come to our classroom. It seems as if there aren’t enough books in the world to truly satisfy their thirst for the next turn of the page!

  5. This is such a great blog post! It is full of great ideas for teachers and the students are sure to benefit. I am definitely intersted in a box of books as well as the Office Depot and DEAR post! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  6. Drop Everything and Read day is always a favorite for me. It’s what I would do all day if I could. 😉

    I am a librarian so I have grades K-5.


  7. Would love to win a box of books for my Prek class. And I am heading over to the up and learning grant right now. Thank you for all the great infomation out there for teachers.

  8. I am currently a kindergarten teacher in a low income neighborhood. And I would love to a box of books for my little ones!

  9. Of course the chance to win free books is what caught my eye!!! I teach K and 5th grades. I would LOVE new books for both or either of my classes. That would just make my day! Shoot, maybe my month!

  10. I teach 18 months to 2 1/2 year old’s. I not a babysitter I’m a teacher I know that the younger you start teaching a child the better. I teach using books’ games and other activities. I f I win these free books I promise they will be put to good use. Thank you

  11. I am excited to hear about the grants available but the possibility of winning books for the K5 students I work with is breathtaking! I’m crossing my fingers!

  12. I’m looking forward to April for DEAR! Add free Common Core resources and what a winner!
    I work with students K-4 as our Media Specialist.

  13. I like the DEAR program and the Office Depot offer. I teach a combined grade class with 10 kindergarten-2nd graders (3 second graders, 5 first graders, and 2 kindergarteners).

  14. Very excited about the grant opportunities and books for my 5K students is an awesome thought. We can never have too many books!!

  15. I work with Kindergarteners and I love to get books to send home with them to read with their parents. Its great to get help where and when every we can.

  16. I teach kids with special learning needs. I teach fourth and fifth grade. I would love to have a box of books to encourage them to keep reading!

  17. I am embarking on a new adventure next year in second grade! I would love to add some books to our classroom library! Thank you for this opportunity!

  18. I would love to win a box of books for my special needs classroom. I have students is grades k-5 but most of them are reading at a kindergarten level.
    I have several students with rare disorders including autoimmune diseases. I appreciate getting more information about how to raise awareness for this disease.
    Thank You

  19. Any middle grade books in that box? New and current titles are the main way I can keep the concept of reading for fun alive. With no budget for our school library, I don’t mind begging for books!

  20. Well, the entry about Ramona Quimby definitely brought back lovely memories, but I am most excited about the information included at the Action for Healthy Kids site. I have been wanting to start a healthy eating afterschool program! Right now I am working with third and fourth grade students, so any books at that level would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for this chance to win! 🙂

  21. Books! Can we ever have enough? No way. I would love to win a box of books for my students. What a great idea! Thanks!

  22. I love the DEAR program. It was one of my favorite times as a student. My class last year loved it. My preschoolers are not ready for it yet.

  23. This would be a dream come true! I teach first grade and most of my student’s borrow my books to complete their reading homework. I would be thrilled to be able to give them a start to their own home library.
    Thank you for giving someone this opportunity!

  24. I am starting an early literacy program for parents to show them how important reading is and would love to have the books for book/activity bags for them to check out or to give to the participating families!

  25. I work in a small private school that is working on getting a library going. We have ages 18 months through 5th grade. We would appreciate any help. Just found this blog and am loving all the variety it offers. This free book offer is awesome!

  26. Hi Karen! I am going to be doing my student teaching next semester and will be graduating with my elementary education degree in December. There are 20 of us that have been going through our program together for the past few semesters. I am making up “goody” bags for all of my classmates as we are all JUST starting out. We are all K-6 and, oh my, would we appreciate anything we could get to help us start out! Literacy is a huge focus in our program and we just absolutely love books!!!

  27. Blogs and networking are so important and helpful. Teachers are so creative and sharing ideas is a timesaver and great ! 3rd Grade teacher

  28. This would be a delightful addition to my preschool classroom. It’s so fun to see them with their noses stuck in books. Love it!

  29. Hi!!!

    I am a first year teacher of a 4-year-old Pre-Kindergarten class. I would love to be able to have some books for my Library Center.

  30. It seems odd to like an autoimmune info , but as someone who has an auto immune disease always good to get the word out there! Besides as as a pre school teacher is there ever enough time for books? We try to read at all times and in all places! Yea for more books!

  31. Books!!! I love books! I live in an urban district so books to have for classroom or to be sent home with students for summer reading would be such an asset. Thank you for donating and creating this contest.

  32. The Up & Learning information caught my eye. I am always looking for new ways and ideas to encourage and incorporate healthy eating and activities. I love to reward my students, and want them to enjoy the “sweet” stuff and the not so sweet goodies. I am looking forward to working on the grant and checking out the website. My first graders love to read and new books would be fantastic!!

  33. I am a first year teacher currently teaching Language Arts in fifth grade. My classroom library was passed down from last years fourth grade teacher. My students have read these books several times and are bored with my collection. I would love to be able to add new books to spike their interest in reading again. As a new teacher, everything catches my eye! I want to do the best for my students, so I continue to learn new things from ideas posted on blogs I read.
    Thanks for this opportunity to be entered in this drawing for free books.

  34. The Office Depot gift card would be a God send for my classroom. I would finally be able to be organized with students’ work!!!

  35. I will be checking out the DEAR resources and the Action for Healthy Kids website. I teach second grade and you can never have too many books 🙂

  36. Hello. I teach second grade at a poor school. We have one shelf worth of books in my class. My students like to read but we don’t have many choices. I work for the archdiocese of los Angeles, so we don’t get help with any resources or programs. Thank you.

  37. This would be so helpful! I’m being moved to 1st grade next year. I have nothing for this grade level. I sure hope I win!!!

  38. I teach at elementary school and my main goal is to get children to love to read. I like the information on the D.E.A.R program and especially beverly Cleary. My main source fir books is our lical library but U would luve to have a library of my own for my Kindergarten classroom.

  39. Wow, a box of books! I teach kinder. at a title 1 school and books are always needed in my classroom. My students love my books and I need to replace many every year. This would help a lot.

  40. I just found your blog. Thank you for sharing the grant information and box of books with us. I teach 4th grade at a title one school.

  41. I can’t wait to check out Learning Links when I get a good chunk of free time to investigate it. It will come in handy since in my 4th grade classroom we do a lot of novels through the year. Thanks!

  42. thanks for the great info on this blog. Always looking for a way to get my 3rd graders excited about reading. Keep up the great work here!

  43. You can never have enough books! Teaching my first graders to love reading creates a foundation to become lifelong readers. YEAH!

  44. What first grade teacher wouldn’t love a box of new books?!?! The kids always get so excited when we get new books.

  45. I am in my second year of teaching first grade in a private school. Reading us huge is first and I would love to add some new books to my classroom library! My student love getting new books and reading is always a top priority in our room. We just did the snack and share for the first time on Friday and they loved it!

  46. I need more books in my second grade classroom. The kids have read all of my books. I hope you have AR books included.

  47. I would love a box of books! I’m a first year teacher and don’t have many books. 1st or 2nd grade would be wonderful!

  48. Hi, I’m in a private school, teaching 4th and 5th grade , I already use a lot of The Mailbox books in my classroom and my kids love them, would really love and appreciate a box full of books 😉

  49. I am a first year Kindergarten teacher. I started the year with zero books in the classroom and the school does not have a library. I have purchased close to 100 books personally, but I know this is a real disservice to my kids who couldn’t be more excited about reading. We would benefit greatly from any books donated.

  50. My 5th graders have DEAR time every day. It’s kinda sad that there’s a “day” for it now? Isn’t it EVERYDAY??? Oh well… Ramona Q. Is my forever favorite- even named the dog after her!- so we’ll celebrate the day! It would be great to have a box of fresh books to add to the happiness!!

  51. I teach second language learners and they would benefit from a box filled with a variety of books of different genres. This would most certainly grab their attention!! I would love to win books for my 4 grade class :-). Thanks for the opportunity.

  52. Love, love, love classroom libraries! I also signed up for the free Poetry Kit for the month of April that I found through your website! Thanks for the great ideas!

  53. I am in my second year of teaching, a free box of books to build my library would be great!!! I teach 2nd grade!!


  54. Love this site! Great and useful info. I would love to win a free box of books for my kindergarteners. I am trying to collect enough books to give each student I book to take home with them….

  55. Actions for Healthy Kids looks like a wonderful new resource. I teach kindergarten and we’re always moving and dancing.

  56. The Action for Healthy kids web site looks like something I need to explore. I am always looking for ideas for my classroom to promote healthy eating and living. Of course, a box of books for my pre-k and k kids would be awesome!

  57. I am a Pre-K teacher and the books Go!Go!Go! and Some Bugs have caught my eye. My students would go crazy over new books!

  58. As a librarian of a very small rural school, with no budget for books, we’d love to include new books to our library. We serve grades pre-k through 8th grades. Thank you for the chance. 🙂

  59. I am the reading specialist at a low-income charter school on the south side of Chicago. I started a “Give a book, Take a Book” program for our school and I am always looking for new books to put in the hands of my students! I work with students in K-8 but am really looking for books for the 2nd-3rd grade level.

  60. There’s no such thing as ‘TOO MANY BOOKS’! You CAN have too few bookshelves, though! I teach kindergarten and find that many of my books ‘disappear’ when the
    kids figure out they really CAN read!

  61. Hi,
    I changed from first grade to fourth grade so I do not have books that are appropriate. I would love to have some books for my students. Thanks!

  62. I teach third grade and would love to have more books for my classroom. The kids at my title 1 site often have no books at home and I let the kids take my books home but this often leads to a loss of several books a year. Any change to put books in the kids hands is a welcome one.

  63. I teach 3rd grade in a small, urban school district that has a high poverty level. Many of our classroom books are “borrowed” but never returned because our students do not have many, if any, books at home. Beginning chapter books and non-fiction books are highly prized. Thank you for the opportunity to win more books for my students.

  64. Thank you for the chance to win free books!! I teach kindergarten at a newly opened charter school so books would be wonderful!!

  65. I would love to win some books for our classroom library. The kids get so excited when there are new books.

    Grade 5-6

  66. I would love to win these books. I teach at a Learning Center that is a ministry of a Lutheran Church. Non=-profits do not have money for such nice books.

  67. I teach first grade at a low income district. My precious kiddos would think it was Christmas if they got a box of new books! Thank you!!!!

  68. I teach in a low income school and it would be wonderful to put books into my students hands to have to read and love.

  69. Wow what a great find on this blog. Plus I can register to win for books. I could totally use them for a couple of things we have coming up at school.

  70. This is a great idea to help others who don’t have “too many books.” 🙂 I’m a first time teacher in a special education classroom, and I would love to have some of your extra books! Thanks for the opportunity.

  71. I would love a box of books! My prechoolers would love them to death (which is where most books end up eventually in their hands…)!

  72. A free box of books to enhance our child care center would be a gift from God. I am a teacher at a child care center in CT. I thoroughly love reading to my children and following up on our stories with an activity sometimes.

  73. The first grade library will desperately be in need of replenishing next year when the current teacher retires and gives her (personally owned) books to her (teaching) daughter’s classroom library.

  74. With money low to almost nonexistent to buy library books for the elementary schools in my district, a box of books would be a very happy surprise.
    I could also give them to the small community library in my town. They always need books.

  75. We are starting the Daily 5 next year and my classroom library for my third graders is not big at all! These would be so helpful.

  76. Love having books available for preschoolers to look at & check out to take home with their parents to encourage reading & language. Use Spanish books too for those parents who haven’t learned English yet but want to read to their child. Books in other languages would be great too!

  77. I love that DEAR program. I teach kindergarten at a private school and we do not have a school library so all the books I have I buy.

  78. I have my fingers crossed that the box of books will be headed to my kindergarten classroom! thank you for the info about the Office Depot Teaching Grants.

  79. Our school loves to read! We have a special Reading Week every spring for the Elementary campus. My preschool students even published their own book through Student Treasures. We would love some more books!

  80. I sub all grades at my son’s elementary school. That box of free books would be great for his 1st grade classroom!

  81. I could always use more books for my 5th grade classroom, especially more of the recently published books. Many thanks!

  82. DEAR is one of my favorite celebrations each year. We have DEAR time every day, but love to have a celebratory day for students and their families to share their love of reading. Great selection of books to help entice reluctant readers.

  83. I would love 2nd grade level books! We try to spend some D.E.A.R. time every day, but more books would make this more interesting. Thanks!

  84. I can read in red. I can read in blue.
    I can read in pickle color too!
    If you send some books to me and my grade one
    We’ll read them all and have some fun!

    We would love love love some new books for our classroom 😀

  85. I would love to have books to share with my special needs students. We love story and picture books. We especially love books about animals.

  86. Hello! Books for our local Head Start program would be awesome!!! We are a new program in the area and books are definitely needed!

  87. I am a Homeschooler and work with a Kindergartner, a middle schooler, and 2 high schoolers, and so having a box of books for my high schoolers would be great and I would use the Learning Links site for assistance in reading novels for my middle schooler and high schoolers.

  88. My first graders would love a box of Magic Tree House or Judy Moody books! Need to increase my classroom library in a low income district!

  89. Hi,
    I am a middle school special education teacher and I love to read to my students! They enjoy reading passages and supporting each other’s reading levels (k-6/7) as they all become stronger in their fluency goals :0)

  90. I am a first year special education teacher, currently I have second grade but work from the K-2 grade band. Would love the box of books to help build up my classroom library!

  91. I am on the board for a small private school and we are trying to build a library for our students grades pre-k 3 thru 5th grade. A box of books would go along way towards making our library go from okay to great!

  92. I have applied to win the $500 from Office Depot. These books would be great to include in my preschool classroom. I am sure that they will correlate to many of our thematic units!

  93. What an awesome way to help out others! I am in my first year teaching kindergarten!
    We love books! 🙂 Have a blessed day!

  94. I enjoy incorporating DEAR into my daily schedule. The kids like seeing me read “for the fun of it” too. The books would be a nice addition to my library. I’m moving from 2nd to 4th grade & don’t have many books at that level.

  95. I would love to receive a box full of books. Literacy is very important to me and my students. Presently would love books for 3rd or 4th grade. I love the Learning Links on the blog.


  96. Thanks for the DEAR reminder! I’ve been so busy that I didn’t realize it was that time of year or that Beverly Cleary was being honored this year. Would love books for my class! Pre-K/Kgtn, please!!!!

  97. I do Family childcare and I have children from 0-12 in my care and we are always reading and looking for new books. Susan

  98. I teach 5th grade Language Arts and Social Studies and I would LOVE any free books you can spare. You are awesome for doing this give-away. It sounds like a lot of children will benefit!

  99. I teach in a rural community that desperately needs books. The children need books at home for parents and others to read to them. I would share these books with the entire elementary school.

  100. I’m a third year teacher, and I’d love to continue building my little classroom library. Any books would be a huge help for me and my first graders! 🙂

  101. I would be so appreciative of free books for my students. Teaching reading for the first time in about ten years, I do not have any books to sharein my class.

  102. Learning links looks like a great site. We group read novels in my 3rd grade class and any help I can get with projects and ideas for activities would be a great help.

  103. I am a teacher who enjoys teaching elementary students in a way that helps them to love learning! I would appreciate any resources to stimulate and encourage learning for elementary (1,2,3) or intermediate grades (4,5,6).

  104. I have a not-for-profit preschool at our church…meets 5 mornings a week with 3 and 4 year old children. I would love to use any books you have for that age group! I read a story everyday, and teach my children how to handle books. They
    LOVE it!…but my supply is limited.

  105. I teach a self contained special education classroom, with students in grades 6-8. It’s really hard for my students to find books in the school’s library that are within their reading levels. (We use accelerated reader). Our school has a very high poverty level, and getting new books in our library is not easy (our school is financially strapped). I have tried to start a library in my classroom but it is difficult to supply high interest books at lower reading levels. Most of my students have between a 3rd and 5th grade reading level, and have already read through our classroom library books. New books would be a wonderful addition to our classroom.

  106. I would love to win a box of books. I teach students in grades 4-6 with moderate to severe disabilities. We have such a wide range of interests and reading levels (from pre-K to third grade) in my class and I am always in search of age appropriate books.

  107. I go into homes for the poor and work with children who are getting ready for school and try to help them get ready for school. So free books would be great. I don’t ask any money from the houses I go into.

  108. My kindergarten class loves getting new books to read. My son once got a book in the mail from a cousin and he thought that was the coolest thing.

  109. My class is trying to achieve “model classroom” status on the AR program. 1st grade books are so helpful since I have several students who just “cannot get enough”!

  110. After 32 years, I still love sharing my love of reading with my kindergarten students. Storytime is one of our favorite times of our school day!

  111. My 2nd-graders love D.E.A.R. time. On April 1st I plan to read Ramona Quimby, Age 8. I can’t wait to see their faces when they figure out I didn’t invent D.E.A.R. They are ready for some new reading material; I hope I win!

  112. I love books, so of course the box of books giveaway is what caught my eye! Truly believe a classroom can never have enough books. I am a preschool teacher and I am trying to develop my classroom library.

  113. I would love to add to my existing classroom library! I have tried to instill a love of reading in my third graders with DEAR and they love having that down time to just enjoy a book.

  114. Who doesn’t love the idea of new books? I’m a 2nd grade teacher in a private school. I would love to share books in my room but also in our newly acquired library.

  115. The link to the Action for Healthy Kids catches my eye because this year I had several students in my class who were gluten- and dairy-free which posed a challenge when planning class parties or treats. It has been a learning experience in trying to make sure each child was included.

  116. I teach 4th grade in a high poverty district and would love to acquire more books. I am trying to teach the students and show them they can go anywhere through books — money is no object! They can learn, travel, experience through books! I would love to get free books for my classroom! You can never have too many books!

  117. A teacher can never have too many books – so naturally, I always try to make sure I have more than plenty. Bring on the 4th grade books!!!

  118. Love this…teaching first grade in small school. my class is full of voracious readers…and want to readers. the more books the better!

  119. A box of books catches my eye! I am a substitute for a newly implemented 3rd grade class and we only have a handful of books. I would love to be able to leave the class with some books in place for them….

  120. Free books would be great! I am currently student teaching and will be starting my first teaching job in September..hopefully in kindergarten or first grade 🙂

  121. What a great thing to do with your books, my first graders would love to have more books in their classroom!


  122. I work at a Day Care and we leave a box of books in the Directors office for the children to read while waiting for the school buses to pick them up or to check out. the children love being able to take books home to share with their families. I would live to win the books to add to add to collection.

  123. I love DEAR day! I am a librarian at a public elementary school. My school participated last year, and I hope to get everyone on board again this year! A box of books would be a great start to our book swap in May!

  124. I am going to be Student Teaching in the Fall of 2014 in kindergarten or first grade. I am currently trying to build up a library for my future class on a budget! This would be a great help!



  125. I always love giving books to children for birthdays and holidays. Nothing is more important than having books to read. I work in a poor community and would love to have new books for my students.

  126. I love books! (especially free ones!!)

    I will also be looking in to the free poetry kit 🙂

    grade 1&2

  127. I love reading and do an activity that goes along with the story with young children. Children remember by doing things with stories. I teach pre-k. Children need to be read to all the time so his/her brain circuits will grow and grow.

  128. Drop Everything and Read” is my favorite freebie for this month. I teach FIRST grade and would love a box of books to add to my classroom library!

  129. Book overflow +generosity= teacher’s gain to expand students’ knowledge!

    I teach students who receive learning support from grades K-5 and feel like this is a wonderful way to gain students varying interests.

  130. I love for my kids to have a variety of books to read. It is hard as a first grade teacher to find lower level books that are interesting and the kids will enjoy.

  131. For the past 25 years for every holiday my teacher gift to my students has been a seasonal book. Some of my gift books are the only books the children have. I too, believe you can’t have too many books.

  132. I work for a private preschool where we have to rely on donations, tuition, or our own money to provide things for our students! A box of books would be so wonderful!

  133. This would be great for building my classroom library! Books are great…and the return on investment is monumental! Grades K/1

  134. Love love love books. It’s never too early to foster a love of reading. I can never have enough for my preschool class.

  135. I teach in a special education classroom with varied levels of learning. New, used, any books would be appreciated.

  136. I love getting book into children;s hands and in the classroom. when I find a child falls in love with a certain book- I usually end up just giving it to him/her. The love and passion it creates is the best!

  137. I just got my first 5K teaching position and I’ve been in the process of creating my classroom. I would love a free box of books to help fill my “library in progress!”

  138. This is my first year teaching 2nd grade. I taught 4th and 5th so I would love to add some younger level books to my library!

  139. I love all Mailbox Resources and ideas. I’ve been using Mailbox for my preschool classrooms, my time in Kindergarten, and now as a resource for my 6th graders. If I win a box of books for my library, I’m donating it to the James Monroe Elementry School in Edison, New Jersey. They have lost everything in the fire that destroyed their school this past weekend. Thanks for being great, Mailbox!

  140. I teach title one reading to students grades k through 8 at a residential treatment facility. I would love to win these books for my students!!!

  141. I love having books to give out for special prizes or birthdays! We don’t have DEAR because of time constraints, but I still try to give my kids a few minutes just to just read quietly. Thanks for doing this!!

  142. Too many books…never. I would love to win. My class doesn’t have a lot of books so for me this would help broaden their horizons and what better way is that than through reading.

  143. Books, books, books! What teacher and child doesn’t love good books! Would love some new ones to add to my classroom library and book bins!

  144. I am in desperate need of updating and adding to my classroom library! I would love to win! I teach kindergarten.

  145. I would love to get some books for my classroom library. I have switched grades and I am looking for easy chapter books and informational books.

  146. This is my second year of teaching first grade and have quickly learned that you can never have enough books! I am constantly hitting yard sales and the Goodwill store and Salvation Army. A box of books would be awesome! 🙂

  147. Books take us to amazing places and give us great experiences! I read several books a day to several different grade levels. I teach grades K-5 and would love new classroom books!

  148. Our kids are loving reading this month! Last week we had a cuddle up and read day that they brought in pillows, blankets, and books to read with a buddy. They loved it! Today, it looked a bit cloudy and snowy out and one of my 5 year olds said that we should have a cuddle up and read day 🙂 That is what I want to hear – their love of reading!

  149. Kindergarten, First and Second Grade! But any and all would be appreciated. I’m excited about your Beverly Cleary link!

  150. My class would LOVE some new books to read! Their favorite time of the day is Read to Self time! I teach Kindergarten!

  151. As a first year teacher I would love more books to expand my classroom library. I teach first grade in an urban district, so most of my kids don’t have many books at home and only read at school.

  152. I’m a new 4th grade teacher this year first year teaching. Yippee!!! My library is so small and my kiddos keep begging me to get more books for our classroom library. This would be a treasure to win!!!!

  153. I love when you give away free books. I currently substitute in 3 Special Ed rooms in public school and a pre-k room in a private school. I would love to be able to sort through the box and share them with each class.

  154. I like Learning Links! I teach 3/4 year olds and they can really “love” the books, new books would so amazing!!!
    Thank You!!!

  155. I can always use more books geared towards my grade level! Can’t wait to check out the grant being offered as well as to participate in DEAR for April! We are writing letters to our favorite authors!!

  156. I always loved D.E.A.R (Drop Everything And Read) time when I was young and going to school! It was my favorite part of the day! Now I love to share it with my students and these free resources will be great! Thank you! And a free set of books might be a great addition also!! Would love to add them to my classroom library! Thank you!

  157. Our Kindergarten classroom LOVES. Books! We would be delighted to welcome more into our room! Hoping to win!

  158. I love, love, love books and would love to surprise my class with new books! I hope I get to share some new adventures!

  159. Our grade level has several new teachers! I love the energy and excitement! We would love to have books to add to our starter libraries. In addition, I can’t wait to share the info on the grants!

  160. I am in desperate need of some new updated books for my first grade library. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for the consideration.

  161. As a reading specialist in a rural school, many of my students have few, if any books to read. Reading takes students to time and places that can only be reached in their imaginations. A classroom set of books would be just what my students need to get there!

  162. I am a retired Teacher of third grade. A school in NJ (Monroe School) in Edison, NJ burned to the ground the weekend of March 22, 2014. I did not teach in the district, but was on the news in NJ. If I am the winner, I would donate the books to a fundraiser they are having called Stuff The Bus on March 29, 2014

  163. Books are always a good addition to any classroom. My students all get excited when new books arrive. I teach first grade! Thanks

  164. I am always adding to my classroom library. I feel that I can never have too many – all genres & levels. My 4th graders love to read & for me to read to them.

  165. Pick me!!!! My children are really getting excited about reading! Not always an easy job in first grade. They would scream for joy to receive a box of books in the mail!

  166. You can never have too many books in kindergarten! The more variety there is the more their love for reading develops!

  167. We work with low SES preschool children who and mentor them in language and literacy. I would love to have some books I could send home with the children!

  168. I love having books available to my kids. I have quite a few, but they go through them so fast!! We have a library in our bldg, of course, but there are times they kids can’t get to the library, or for some reason can’t check out any. So, having a library in the classroom is awesome for those that need books. I also like having a large selection so the kids will find something that grabs them. Choice is huge in my classroom on many fronts, books just one of them. Assigned reading and projects (such as analyzing the setting) is way more enjoyable for them if they have something they are interested in reading. More books = more choice = more motivation.

  169. What great resources. I would love some new books for my classroom library (3rd grade). I am also excited for drop everything and read. We love reading Beverly Cleary! Thanks

  170. I desperately need this. I was a first grade teacher for 5 years and got moved abruptly to fifth grade. When I did, I donated all my first grade books. We’ll I finally get to move back down to first grade and I have no books at all for my library. I have over 100 fifth grade books, but that won’t help. Our building has no money for me to purchase a library either. Thank you for this chance.

  171. Books are wonderful additions to any class . I teach preschool and the children love to be read to. Would love to have new books to read to them

  172. OMG I’m a new teacher so winning this would be amazing. I really like the free common core resources for DEAR time and Beverly Cleary. We do DEAR time in my classroom. Beth 2nd grade

  173. I am super excited to start my new classroom here next month at our new center. So with that I would love new books to go with it!!! I know I love books and reading to them so my 2 year olds will too!!!!

  174. Love that you have free books to repurpose! Also love the information in Action for Healthy Kids. I have been working with my 2nd graders to find healthier ideas for snacks and parties, not just sugar!

  175. I’m a first year teacher and need so much help building my library! Winning books for my pre-k students would be amazing!!

  176. I would love to have the books to share in our elementary classes! When it comes to books the more the merrier! We would definitely be D.E.A.R.

  177. Just found out I’m finally getting a 5th grade home room after eight years of teaching Spanish! I really could use some books to jump start my class library!

  178. I teach K-7 ESL and I’m getting new students next week from Russia. I teach lots of grades and levels at the same time so I am trying to set-up a reading workshop. My students would absolutely LOVE new books to read.

  179. I can’t even begin to think how incredibly WoNdErFuL it would be to win this cache of books!! I’m sure my fifth graders would think it was “Christmas in March”!! PLEASE and ThAnK YoU!!

  180. Can any teacher have enough books ?! In the summer of 2013, we had a flood in our community. I lost all the books I had in my basement that I had collected for classroom use through all my years of teaching. This would be put to good use and help to replace so many that were lost. Thank you.

  181. Our preschoolers are in love with books and ours are worn. It would be great to have some new books to share and read.

  182. I love the resources for DEAR time! My 2nd graders love our daily DEAR time after recess each day. It is so important for them to have a stress-free, non-graded reading experience where they can practice the skills that good readers need. I have heard many criticize this time as wasted and inefficient, but my students have always profited from it.

  183. We love books!!! My kindergarten students are learning how to read with such a love for reading! We need more books!

  184. My class needs new books! The 4th graders love to read and we encourage them all we can. A new box of books would be greeted with huge smiles!

  185. Would love to have more books in my 1st grade classroom!! We love reading so the more books, the more we can read!

  186. I loveall your education teacher helpers. I mostly love seeing post from people using your alphatales a-z book colections.. so if this is in a box i would greatly injoy it and so would my kisd always making diffrent kinds of hats to wear..

  187. My firsties would be in love! My school didn’t have a library so we only have the small collection of books in the class to read. 🙁 thankfully we have a computer and smart board so we have online books, but not enough time to share. Fingers crossed that we win!

  188. I love DEAR time. I use it in my class every year with my students. We make sure that everyone in the classroom, myself & even any guests in the room at the time, follows the “Drop Everything And Read” rules. We would love to have new books to enjoy during our DEAR time.

  189. I am in desperate need of new interesting books for my middle schoolers. I teach seventh and eighth grade special education. Many of my students read at a lower level but have the same interests as their peers.

  190. Wow what a great blog!!! I have been using the daily 5 I’m my 3rd grade room and I have to say that their absolute favorite activity is read to self! Love the DEAR post and need to start having these sessions in my room! It would be incredible to receive new books for my beloved 3rd graders!

  191. Our first grade class would love to win the box of books! I was hired in the middle of the school year as a new teacher and am working on building an awesome classroom library! Thanks 🙂

  192. I teach the most adorable 5s/k class. I read to them everyday during snack and lunch and they never want the stories to end. We do a big unit in the Spring on insects. Your book entitled Some Bugs looks perfect for our class! If I win the books will be shared time and time again. Thank you for sharing your library!!!!

  193. I am a first year teacher in Waxhaw, NC! I would love the free gift of books to help grow my library. My third grades would love the opportunity to become better readers through new books!!

  194. I am teaching reading for the first time and have a sad little library. It would be heaven to receive additional books. 🙂

  195. Wow, what a great opportunity to provide my students with new and different books to read! I would love to win this box of books

  196. I teach first grade, and we love learning to read!
    I also found the Action for Healthy Kids program very interesting! We are so busy exercising our minds, but we can’t forget to exercise our bodies to reach our full learning potential!

  197. Action for Healthy Kids interests me the most. I’m always looking for ways to encourage good healthy choices for my students.

  198. Very nice gesture! My class could use some books! Most of my students do not have books in their home. Thanks!
    Susan in NC
    3rd grade

  199. I teach ELL students in middle school and never have enough books for their reading level. This would be such a treat for them!

  200. I love all the free resources I find at Mailbox! Some free books would be great as this is my first year teaching Kindergarten after 20 + years in fifth grade.

  201. Wow. After looking at some of the comments, I cannot begin to compete. I teach kinder in a title 1 school and would love to be able to just put new books in their class library. I believe that books are the key to life long learning. Thank you

  202. I so need to update my classroom Library!!! I would and I teach preschool and I know my preschoolers would greatly appreciate this. Their favorite time of the day is Circle/Story Time.

  203. Books, Books, and more books. Reading and books are one of my most favorite things as a teacher. In my classroom a child is constantly snatching up my new books. I would love, love, love some new books for my classroom!!!

  204. As a teacher for Head Start I think literacy is very important to young preschoolers. Reading to them is so important. I would love to when these books for my classroom

  205. Would love to add books to my 3rd/4th grade classroom. My kiddos relish new books as most of them can’t afford books and seeing new books creates a reaction like watch flies decend on a picnic!

  206. I love Mailbox. They give me great ideas! I love books. My books are wearing out. I can always use more in my third grade classroom. We read every chance we get.

  207. I’m always looking for more books for our classroom library. I teach pre-k and would love any books I could get to switch out with themes. I am a 2nd full year teacher, so we don’t have an abundance of books.

  208. I want to earn the free box of books to help my special education life skills class of kiddos learn to love reading!

  209. I am a daycare teacher for children ages are from Infant/toddler to 3-5 year olds and wold love some books to stock up the new daycare that I am starting, instead of working for one.

  210. I teach English as a second language in Puerto Rico an would like to motivate my students to read on their own, and these books would be of great motivation and help.

  211. I have been using mailbox ideas from the weekly news letters and my magazine subscription. My students and I love all the hands on activities! We could really use a box of books! I teach first grade in a title one school. We have very little in resources.

  212. I would love new books! There are too many great freebies to choose from but holiday activities are my favorite.

  213. I am teaching 2nd grade for the first time and really could use some help building my class library for my students who don’t have access to books at home.

  214. I spend a lot if time organizing and finding books for my students. They live AR quizzes and would love new books in their 2nd grade classroom library!

  215. Third graders love books! I’d love to have them as a resource to teach in my classroom and to put in the hands of my students.

  216. 89% of our 450 children are living in poverty at our elementary school. Books are always a treasure that will keep on giving. Our school would be blessed to win this prize.

  217. I love books. I am a second year teacher and would love to give my students a bigger library. I would love to win!!!!!

  218. As a 1st year teacher and teaching in a title one school, I would greatly appreciate any resources that would benefit literacy in my classroom. I have a diverse class whose reading levels start at 1.0 to 6.0. It is difficult to provide enough books for the many different reading levels in my classroom and resources are limited. My students attend library twice a week for 39 minutes and are allowed to check two books out once a week, library skills are taught the other day, so it sometimes can be difficult meeting their individual goals. Please consider our classroom, we would truly benefit from these books.

  219. I am a brand new, first year teacher this year and my classroom library is not as full as it could be. It would be amazing to create library with a larger selection of books. Pre-K is a time for children to learn that reading can be an exciting experience!

  220. I would love to have these books for my new classroom starting in May i will be a teacher for the 4-5 year olds for the VPK. This would help to get books in my class

  221. A teacher can never have enough books – especially if it’s only your second year teaching. I would love new books for my 1st grade library.

  222. My third grade class/team would love some more books. We’re always searching for wonderful additions to our classroom libraries!

  223. My first graders love to read, both in English and Spanish. I’d love to return from Spring Break and tell them we have new books coming!

  224. My preschool classroom would love to get some new books to add to their library. They love to read independently before lunchtime or with a partner; and look forward to letter hunts!!

  225. My second graders would love some new books! We have a very limited amount in my classroom and school library so they often reread the same books. These would keep them engaged in reading!

  226. My class (pre-k) loves books and I would love to add new books to my classroom. I work in a fairly new facility so we are still building our library.

  227. I have a preschool class and we love, love books!! We are always on the look out for new stories for our circle time.
    Thanks for this opportunity.

  228. I have a multi-age class (4th-8th grade) so by the 8th grade I have trouble finding new material for them to read. We would love, love some new books for our library!!!

  229. I love books! My second year as a K teacher in CT and I could certainly use some books to build my library. My students LOVE to read! So do I! Thanks for sharing!

  230. It is my first year teaching and it has been very expensive to stock my classroom library. I would love to treat my students to new books to explore and learn from. Please pick Trace Elementary 4th graders to recive this wonderful gift.

    Thank you

  231. I NEED some books! I am a 4th grade math teacher, but just found out we are going self contained next year. I don’t have many books.

  232. Awesome! I teach second grade. My books are well loved, as we do not have a school library. I would love some new ones! 🙂

  233. I just started a toddler preschool classroom. I am trying to build my library. This would be an excellent addition for my kids.

  234. What a great opportunity! My first graders would love new books! I enjoyed reading about the National DEAR day! I enjoyed Beverly Cleary books as a child and with my daughter!!!

  235. Books,books, books! Joy, joy, joy! I would love a set. I teach K-3 grade (special ed). If I have to pick one grade Kindergarten or first grade.

  236. We love to have a box of books for my class library. I teach fourth, fifth, and sixth graders with reading levels from 2.5 to over 7th grade.

  237. We would love to have new books in our library. We have a limited amout for our special education students on their level since we are in a middle school.

  238. My students love books! Winning these books will let me be able to clean out my library and give them to families in need. I teach preschool!

  239. My 8th grade class LOVES reading! I have been working hard this year on doing read alouds with them to introduce them to new authors, series, and other kinds of books. I would love to win more books for my classroom to encourage them to keep reading!

  240. I am a reading specialist that’s sees grades K-6 and tutors K-1. I have a love for books and how reading can help us connect with our kiddos. PICK ME!!!

  241. I teach a multi-grade classroom of K-3 on a Hutterite colony in rural South Dakota. I am always looking for additions for our library!

    Love the DEAR website aligned to common core. Thanks.

  242. No classroom can have too many books! After teaching 6th grade for 8 years, I am now teaching 4th grade. I would love some more grade appropriate books for my classroom!

  243. I could really use some books for my classroom. After 10 years of working with Title Math students, I gave away the majority of my classroom library books. A few years later and because of budget cuts, we no longer offer our Title program and I’m back in the classroom needing more books for my class library. Thanks !

  244. I love all Mailbox Resources and ideas. I’ve been using Mailbox for my HEAD START preschool classrooms. Winning could help me save money I spend on books to buy other needed items for my classroom. Both my classes love books and I keep a lending library for parents to check out books with encourages literacy in the homes. I would love to win a new supply of reading materials.

  245. A child that can read can do anything. My passion for reading and literature is passed down to my second graders. Id love to share new books with them.

  246. I’m reading the book Summer Reading: Closing the Rich/Poor Reading Achievement Gap edited bt Richard Allington. Our school is looking for books to give to our students to help stop that summer slide.

  247. I LOVE books, so the chance to win some freebies for my Kindergarten classroom was too good not to try. Thank you for offering them in this contest.

  248. I teach first grade. I would love to get a box of books to expand my classroom library. My students love listening to stories and reading their own.

  249. I love seeing the excitement on my students faces when new books come to our classroom! We love books and we love reading! These books would be a great addition to our classroom library!

  250. I really appreciate all of the grant information I have found here, and would love a box of books to share with all the Pre-K teachers at my school.

  251. I teach 3rd grade. I would love love love to get books for my classroom. There is nothing better than to read wonderful books to children.

  252. I teach 6th grade in Mississippi, and the addition of books to our classroom library
    Would be appreciated so much. Thank you for considering our class to be recipients of the books!

  253. I am an 8th grade Reading teacher. I would love to add more books to my personal library in order to give my readers more books to choose from!

  254. WAHOOO! My special ed class (Special Day Class) love to read, and would love new reading material. Pick me.. {hand raised} Pick me…Pick me!

  255. I am always looking for opportunities to add new books to my classroom book bins. I teach 3rd grade and would love to win!

  256. I am a 2nd grade teacher in a small Private school in WI and would so appreciate choosing some new books for my classroom. Thanks so much for this opportunity to win a chance at such an awesome age appropiate fun experience!

  257. Our kids in our inclusive preschool classroom would love to explore dome new books!! It would be great to implement in April for DEAR!

  258. I really appreciated the link for auto-immune diseases. I was recently diagnosed with a rare type and was surprised how little information is really available so I am always seeking new sources. Thank you for raising awareness!

  259. I love the D.E.A.R. site due to the fact that I use “stamina” from C.A.F.E. which is similar and also the site on the teacher grant. I teach a 2/3 blend and will possibly be looping with my kiddos to a 3/4 blend…I hope so!

  260. My students at my title one school love books. They can’t always get their hands on them at home so I try to have as many in my class to spark their interests. I am a multiagency 1,2,3 grade class so any level would be great.

  261. My little readers would love new books! They have devoured the ones I have!! This year my class just can’t seem to get enough reading time!!so neat to see little kiddos soaking up the written words!! Go kindergarten!! Would LOVE to surprise them with a new box of books!!!!!

  262. My class is enjoying the books that I won! I sooooo appreciate the wonderful titles that you sent to me. Thanks again!

    • You’re so welcome, Michele! We are thrilled to be able to share these amazing resources with teachers like you. It makes the day extra fun!

  263. I’m very very interested in the autoimmune related diseases. I teach in the inner city and these kids are open to all kinds of diseases here. I’d love to have information for them.

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