Numerous Red Noses

Yesterday a particular someone—no name will be mentioned—encouraged several of her colleagues to squeeze their noses into small red balls and show their silly sides. Our celebration of silliness was in support of  Red Nose Day 2017. Here at The Mailbox we care deeply about keeping children safe, healthy, and educated. And we also love to have a bit of fun! Enjoy the photos! I’d love to know how you and your colleagues occasionally drum up a bit of fun?

Enjoy your weekend!


One thought on “Numerous Red Noses

  1. My school was all business. We had Open House, the MAJOR showcase for the year. Not a shred of silliness or red noses that I observed. A little stressful and sad waiting to soooo close to the end of the year. We have 19 more days, mostly filled with testing. It is a difficult time for the Kindergarteners. Math test, Writing test, Reading test, Second language learners have the English test. We do have a field trip too. These last days are going to go quick!

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