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It’s in my nature as a preschool editor to pay a lot of attention to process art projects I see online. There are so many cool things to use when making process art! And what’s particularly amusing is that when I’m done pondering the benefits of a project for a preschooler, I usually think about how I can use the process in my own craft room. For me. Because boy do I enjoy making a painty, inky mess! I think process art is marvelous for adults as well!

So as I look around online for projects, I’ve found some pretty cool items to use for printmaking and painting. (Not just for me, for the preschoolers too!) Here are some of my favorites:

  • dishwashing brushes and sponges

  • gift bows

  • mops (to create REALLY BIG art)

  • paint rollers

  • leaves

  • twigs

  • marker caps

  • cosmetic sponges

  • cardboard tubes

  • sequin waste

    • the leftover piece of material after sequins are punched out (You can purchase rolls of this online.)

  • drywall tape

    • You can find this at home improvement stores, and it’s super cheap.

    • Remove the backing, stick it to paper, and then fingerpaint over it!

  • silicone basting brushes

  • doilies

What unique items do you use in your classroom for art activities?

2 thoughts on “Not Just for Kids

  1. I often use real feathers to paint with in the classroom with the kiddos. Wild turkey feathers make the coolest lines as the kiddos paint. Youj can get these from either a turkey farm or a hunter. Just make sure the feathers are treated before you use them. Peacock feathers are great too but a bit harder to come by. A cool thing I have learned is that the feathers can be washed to reuse.

  2. Bubblewrap is always a great tool to paint with as our corks from wine bottles. I use them when introducing letters B and C. The children love using these. Fine motor skills for the bubble wrap and we talk about where corks come from and how they are used for other craft ideas.

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