No Recess?

dancingCanceled recess? Say it isn’t so! Whether it’s due to too much cold, snow, rain, or wind—canceled recess is a bummer for both students and teachers. But wait! Have you checked out the Just Dance Kids videos on YouTube? “The Gummy Bear Song” is adorable and will have your little ones movin’ and groovin’. There are plenty of YouTube Just Dance Kids videos for any age group. My only caution is to make sure song lyrics and dance movements are classroom appropriate—then project the videos on your whiteboard and “just dance” through your indoor recess! Check it out!

Movin’ and groovin’!


PS: What are your favorite indoor recess activities? Please share!

One thought on “No Recess?

  1. I set up a obstacle course whie the kids are having snack. divide the class into teams and set up identical stations for each team. Crawl under the table. Hop to the blocks and stack 10, cross the balance beam and baby step to the door. They then turn around repeat but this time they have to knock down the blocks and go back to the beginning, and high 5 the next person on their team. Then they go. The kids love it.

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