No Prep? Yes, Please!

Have you spent a lot of time on activity prep? Me too!

Have you spent a lot of time on activity prep? Me too!

When I taught, I used to get bogged down with lesson planning and prep. I have a sneaking suspicion that you feel the same. I taught young fives and kindergarten, and I spent countless hours cutting out patterns, preparing visuals, and differentiating instruction for those who needed it. I did a lot of sitting on the floor in my apartment with stuff spread all around me and, more often than not, a pair of scissors in my hand.

I remember the glorious feeling when an activity I was planning had very little prep or (gasp!) no prep at all! And that’s why I’m pleased to present this Common Core math activity. No prep! You can do it today if you want to! This activity covers Common Core skill 1.NBT.A.1, although it can certainly be adapted for kindergarten as well. And because you’re short on time, I’ll present it to you in 1.17 minutes. Free activities + no prep = happy teachers!

Do you have a favorite no-prep activity you would like to share? I know your fellow teachers would love to see it!



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