New or Reuse?

Yesterday, I spent five enjoyable hours at School Tools, a teacher supply store in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Spending a day in a teacher supply store pairs two of my favorite things: teachers and school supplies. My day was a blast, a bit of a gabfest really. I was there to talk with teachers about the most recent book offerings from The Mailbox. (You can check them out here.) In doing so, I had many delightful conversations. As you know, teachers know no strangers, which makes these events especially enjoyable for me!

Most of the teachers with whom I spoke were in the midst of decorating their rooms for back-to-school. The first official day of school for teachers in this area is next Monday; the students arrive the following Monday. I was struck by the amount of bulletin board border that was being purchased. Teacher after teacher after teacher left the store with one or more packs of border.  I couldn’t be sure if these teachers came into the store looking for border or if they simply couldn’t resist the latest border colors and patterns. (Chevron patterns were definitely a hit.)

Blog-Cat-with-BB-Border Now I’m super curious! Did you or do you plan to update your bulletin board border(s) this year? Or will you reuse your border from last year?

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7 thoughts on “New or Reuse?

  1. I buy new and use it. And if I really like it and can’t replace it I reuse it. I buy lots and lots of borders because they can be used for many things. I just picked up more pumpkin border so I can cut it out and use the pumpkins for sorting by size and tracing and so forth. Borders hold up better than paper ones.

  2. The Trends for Kids website has lots of creative ideas for using borders in activities. We definitely reuse our border as we really have to watch our pennies.

  3. I found some numerical border at the Dollar Tree. Each strip had colorful numbers 1-10. I gave each kindergartner a number strip in September to help them learn to read the numerals, count, and use 1:1 correspondence.

  4. I reuse my border until it falls apart. However, this year we are doing a safari theme and I need new border…but, I might make it out of some paper,

  5. Yep..I reuse until it falls apart. I still have some border from my first year of teaching more than 30 years ago…(only one set…but it is still usable) I sometimes double up two kinds of border! Fun!

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