National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month. Please don’t require every student to write a poem this month. Please, please, please. Okay, I take that back. Maybe writing poetry is part of your curriculum and this is a necessary assignment. If you have the flexibility, and I hope you do, I suggest you celebrate National Poetry Month by sharing light-hearted poetry with your students. My current favorite kids’ poet is Kenn Nesbitt.  This guy is crazy-good at penning rib-tickling poems for kids. I wish I could give you a sample here, however, I’d probably wind up in jail for copyright infringement. Since I have a fun weekend planned, I’m instead going to suggest that you head over to his website, It is, as Kenn describes, “a funny poetry playground.” You’ll find lots of funny poems, a list of his poetry books, poetry lessons and activities, a rhyming dictionary, videos, school visit information, and plenty more.

By the way, who is your favorite children’s poet?


Happy National Poetry Month!


PS: Is Friday the 13th your lucky day? Here’s one way to find out: Head over to Karen’s blog for a chance to win poetry books and maker lab book. Click here.

6 thoughts on “National Poetry Month

  1. Favorite poets are as follows:
    1. Anastasia Suen.
    2. Dr. Seuss.
    3. Naomi Shihab Nyo.
    4. Edward Lear.
    5. Francisco Alcarón.
    6. Paul Fleischman.
    7. Judith Viorst.
    8.Robert Louis Stevenson.
    9. Nikki Grimes.
    10. Patrick Lewis.

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