National No Rhyme Day!


What rhymes with “orange?” Absolutely nothing.

Tomorrow, September 1, is National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day! It’s a day set aside to celebrate words in the English language that don’t rhyme with any other words. (Who comes up with these things?) I’m bringing it up to you because this might be a super fun day to celebrate in the classroom. Consider having a party for these poor words that have no rhymes. Explain to students that they can cheer up these lonely words by creating nonsense rhymes. Tell students one of the words from the list below. Then lead them in singing the silly song shown, inserting the name of the word. Next, have students come up with nonsense words that rhyme with the focus word. Continue with other words on the list. Consider following up with rhyming activities from our online library. (Our online library contains over 30,000 ideas!) Have fun!

(sung to the tune of “London Bridge”)

[Walrus] doesn’t have a rhyme.
It’s no crime—there’s no rhyme!
Please don’t feel so sad and blue.
We will help you.

Words that have no rhymes:
walrus, rhythm, month,
purple, orange, almond,
false, husband, wolf,
circle, silver, window, women


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