National Look Alike Day

Must you always wear what I’m wearing?

Have you ever arrived at work dressed just like a colleague? There are a few of us here at The Mailbox who own pants in the standard colors of black, khaki, and denim. I guess about once a month someone notices that two colleagues are dressed almost exactly alike. I wonder if we’ll pull that off tomorrow? You see tomorrow, April 20, is National Look Alike Day. For a bit of fun at your school invite your colleagues to dress like the school principal. Or suggest that all staff members wear similar colors or attire. When your kiddos notice—and they will—invite them to share who they think looks like them!

By the way, who has a twin? Just curious!




3 thoughts on “National Look Alike Day

  1. No twin, but our school allows us to wear the school tee shirt and jeans on every Friday, some people have multiple years of shirts and some newbies just have one or two. So there are incidences of twins on any given Friday here.

  2. My aide and I have often come to work dressed in the same colors — totally by coincidence. We’ve laughed about it for years. It’s been going on that long!

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