National Joke Day

Q: What’s brown and sticky?

A: A stick.


Okay – I’m not saying that kid’s jokes are the funniest things ever. But you have to admit that watching a child crack up over his own joke, particularly when it’s one that makes no sense, is pretty hysterical. Today is National Joke Day. So I challenge you to tell me your favorite kid’s jokes. And that’s a pretty broad category! I once had a child in my young fives class come up to me and say, “Three pigs walked into a bar…” 🙂

Check out this fun way to include jokes in everyday instruction–and develop speaking skills and home-school connections! (This is a special activity that’s available only with The Mailbox® Gold! Click here to check out all the benefits of going Gold.)

Decorate a bag as desired and title it “The Joke Bag.” Include a parent note inside the bag explaining that the child and parent are to write a joke or a riddle on a slip of paper and put it in the bag. (You may wish to direct parents to the Internet, where they’ll find lots of kid-appropriate jokes!) When the joke bag is returned to school, put on some funny accessories, such as glasses with a mustache or a goofy hat, and announce that it’s joke time! Have the child tell his joke, with prompting as needed.

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