Mushy yet Marvelous!

January is National Oatmeal Month! Who knew oatmeal had it’s own month!? I love oatmeal, but I was late in appreciating this adored breakfast food. For a long time, it was just too mushy for me. Even now, I tend to make it thicker than most people. (I like to convince myself that it’s actually oatmeal raisin cookie dough.)

What can you use oatmeal and oatmeal canisters for in the classroom? I’ve come up with a spectacular list!

  • Place oatmeal in your sensory table. (Add glitter for extra sparkle.)

  • Have a snack of warm oatmeal combined with fresh fruit and a small amount of brown sugar.

  • Use oatmeal in crafts. (Spread glue on a bear cutout or a sheep cutout and then sprinkle oatmeal on the glue.)

  • Make oatmeal play dough. (Click here for a recipe.)  

  • Use oatmeal canisters as simple drums.

  • Use oatmeal canisters as yarn holders. (Poke a hole in the lid. Then place a skein of yarn in the canister, thread the loose end through the hole, and replace the lid.)

  • Have students use descriptive words to compare the texture of wet oatmeal and dry oatmeal.

What do you do with oatmeal?

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