Multiplication, Starting the First Week of School for Success!

multiplication Cards, 4's

Multiplication tables take time to learn and it seems we always run out of time before everyone has truly mastered them. This year, I’m going to use a new strategy and start multiplication the first day of school! I’ll start with the zero’s, teach and test all on the first day. I know my kiddos will all be successful and ace the test, starting the new year off feeling confident! The rest of the week I’ll teach the 1’s, again I’m pretty sure were going to see excellent scores.

Every two weeks after I’ll introduce the next number, giving students plenty of time to practice and use what they’ve learned. Using the Mailbox Toolkit, I created these great flashcards in less than a minute…and they look great! In lower grades the card maker is also excellent for addition and subtraction facts. Print on card stock for durability or laminate for long-term use.You can make them just as easily using Mail Box Gold 101 Card Maker from the Tool Kit at

Happy Teaching!

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