Mistaken Identity

If I see a turtle attempting to cross the road, I will pull my car over, pick it up, and give it an express trip to its destination. So that was my goal the other day when I was zooming down a four lane highway and I spied a turtle sitting on the edge of the road. It was a busy road, so I carefully turned around and parked on a side street. Then I set off to save the turtle…only to realize it wasn’t a turtle. It was a glove. The thumb of the glove was sticking straight up so it looked like a turtle’s head. I felt a little stupid, and I suspect the people in the cars blowing by me were wondering why I was staring at a glove on the side of the road. Hey, I had good intentions. 


Today is World Turtle Day! So if you happen to see any turtles by the side of the road, confirm that they aren’t gloves and then help them cross the road safely. It’s the perfect day to give you this FREE turtle-themed math booklet. Enjoy!




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