Messy Desk?

My desk would be great for an “I Spy” game.

Today is National Clean Off Your Desk Day! Don’t worry–I’m not going to ask whether you have a messy desk, nor encourage you to clean it. That would be hypocritical because my desk is incredibly messy. And besides, you’re a teacher. In my opinion, you get to have a messy desk because you need somewhere to keep your piles of papers, lesson plans, lesson plan props, jug of hand sanitizer, vat of coffee, random notes, and chocolate stash.

Instead, let’s talk about student desks. I recall Mike, one of my classmates in elementary school, whose desk resembled a giant mouth that couldn’t quite close, with partially digested papers and folders sticking out in different directions. Do some of your students have similar desks? Try these options to avoid messy-desk frustration!


This clean desk mascot will inspire neat and tidy spaces!




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