Media Use

I use Facebook, but sometimes it’s a love-hate relationship. I enjoy catching up with friends, but political posts and excessive crabbiness can drive me crazy. Crazy!

I have yet to really get sucked into Twitter. In my mind, Twitter is like another Facebook only with lots of hashtags.

Pandora? Google Play? Spotify? *shrug*

But my media habits don’t really matter to you. What matters is how your students are using media. I found this report on tweens’ and teens’ media usage to be really interesting and somewhat surprising. Here are my fave takeaways.

  • Teens and tweens (ages 8–12) use social media, but to them, it isn’t the coolest thing ever. They get more enjoyment from listening to music or watching TV.

  • Tweens use media six hours a day, on average. Six hours! (It seems like a crazy amount of time to be staring at a screen.)

How much time do you think you spend staring at a screen throughout the day?

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