March Into Literacy Month, Part 2

We’re a reading family. We have more bookcases than any other single item of furniture, yet there’s always a stack of books teetering on some nightstand or chair arm somewhere in our house. My four-year-old has his favorite books and will sit down to “read” them to himself even though he’s not fully reading yet.

When I was a language arts teacher, there were certain books that were more popular than others. There were a number of classics that everyone enjoyed—Shiloh, Lord of the Flies—along with some of the latest fiction that only Time would judge a success or failure. This was at the beginning of “Potter mania” too, and not all my students agreed on the boy wizard’s literary chops.

What books are classics in your classroom? What books do you predict will become mainstays? And what books failed that you were certain would become hits?

It’s all-about-reading week at the Upper Grades Exchange. We want to read what you have to say!

photo by Joel Dietle/courtesy of stock.xchng

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