Manners Touch-Up

Do your kiddos’ manners need a spring touch-up? Warmer temperatures have a way of amping up energy levels, which can lead to temporary manner amnesia. If you’re seeing signs of this springtime syndrome, or if you simply want to give your students’ manners a touch-up, put these tips into action!

Each morning, ask students to be on the lookout for good manners. Wrap up the day by inviting students to share their observations.

Use a hand signal, such as tapping your heart or a thumbs-up to acknowledge a student’s good manners.

 Ask students to wrap up partner activities with a handshake and a thank-you!

To encourage excellent table manners, each Friday present a golden spoon award (a plastic gold spoon decorated with curling ribbon) to the child whose table manners were exceptional throughout the week.

Sings songs about manners. Here’s one your kiddos are sure to enjoy!

              Manners Matter

Blog-Dogs shaking hands

(sung to the tune of “Are You Sleeping?”)

      [Please and thank you],

      Words so right—so polite!

      Be kind to each other.

      Be kind to each other.

      Words so right—so polite.

Continue with the following: Please excuse me, I’m so sorry, You are welcome, May I please?

How do you encourage your students to practice good manners?




2 thoughts on “Manners Touch-Up

  1. Great song. I use reminders and praise for good manners. I also start my circles with where are your hands and lets zip our lips.

  2. Children are great at imitating adults,and parents are their first teacher. Since children learn by example,parents of my preschoolers work together at setting a good example for their children and always giving them something good to imitate.
    I use music for both learning and fun!

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