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Blog Frog artAre your ears burning? If they’re not, they should be! You know how the saying goes; if your ears burn someone is talkin’ about ya. And I’m here to report that you are being talked about in a really, really great way! You see the editors here at The Mailbox know you have the very best teaching ideas for all areas of the curriculum. And to be honest, they’re feeling a little neglected these days. They know you’ve been super busy. They get that. Yet, they’d really like to hear from you. Perhaps you can find a few minutes to share some of your best teaching ideas with them?  All you have to do is click here! Or if you’d rather leave your ideas right here on the blog that’s perfectly fine, too. Either way you’re sure to make an editor’s day. I’m sure hopin’ you’ll hop right to it!



P.S.  Remember each idea an editor purchases earns you a $20 gift certificate that’s good toward the purchase of our publications.












3 thoughts on “Make An Editor’s Day!

  1. Good morning Mailbox friends! I enjoy the daily blog. I was looking yesterday at an email I received with some samples to review. One thing that I am noticing when books/resources are purchased for Reading: the text selections themselves are usually very short. Especially for grades 3-5, it is important for us to build stamina with our readers to prepare them for the demands of state testing. Has Mailbox considered lengthier reading selections with this purpose in mind? Is it possible to look at the common core appendices and pull from the text exemplars for this purpose? I’m thinking this would be a tremendous “BEST SELLER” and assist teachers greatly! Okay…that’s my two-cents worth today. I love the work you do and find your resources very helpful.

  2. Thank you, Katrina, for the thoughtful feedback! We will certainly keep this mind for future products.

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