Magical Muffin Tins

IMG_1236At some point in time in my personal Facebook history, I “liked” the Better Homes and Gardens page. So I’m occasionally taunted by ads that show gorgeous before-and-after photos of summer lake homes as well as delectable-looking recipes that contain a mouthwatering amount of cheese. (Oh cheese, how you tempt me…) Anyhoodle, this ad for recipes you make in muffin tins popped up on my Facebook page today. I immediately clicked on it because of the cheese. But I stayed and perused the recipes because of the handiness of putting everything in a muffin tin. Huzzah for individual portions and quicker cooking times!57188 (1)

And that got me thinking about how we use muffin tins here at The Mailbox. Click here for an activity that gives several options for quick muffin-tin centers! And click here for  a video of me demonstrating how to use a muffin tin to make easy frog art!

How do you use muffin tins?


One thought on “Magical Muffin Tins

  1. When making a Mothers gift or Christmas gift that is a bit more complicated I use muffin tins to sort each step for the kiddos. Use masking tape to number the steps and add the parts to each cup. For example if you are making a face you would put eyes in one cup. hair in another, noses in one ears in another. It works great.

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