Lucky You!

Unfortunately, I haven’t discovered a pot of gold at the end a rainbow that I can share with you. However, I do have a super-clever activity that is darn near as great as gold! The idea, submitted by a teacher, will appear in a later issue of The Mailbox magazine. But you get a sneak peek! It’s super-duper versatile and easy to pull off. Kiddos love it so much they’re eager to use it at home with family members!

If you teach little ones, introduce the activity in small groups. Older kiddos can make their own and practice with a partner. To make one, label a paper plate for skill reinforcement. Suggestions include math facts; letters, numbers, or sight words to identify; one half of synonym or antonym pairs; words to define (think prefixes, suffixes, and Greek or Latin word parts). Then cover the plate with dry snack items, such as pretzels or crackers. To use, a student removes a snack item and addresses the programming he’s uncovered. For example, he might read a math fact or two, name a letter, or decode a word and tell its meaning. Then he eats the snack item or sets it aside, whichever he prefers. Partners alternate turns. Of course, nonfood manipulatives work well too.

Let me know what you think—as good as gold? Please share your ideas for using this activity or another favorite way of engaging kiddos in skill practice.

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