Lost and Found

This Friday, December 8, is National Lost and Found Day. It doesn’t surprise me that this day falls during the start of the winter season, because lost and found piles tend to increase dramatically what with the addition of mittens, gloves, scarves, and hats. (Good gravy–I’m an adult and I can’t keep track of my own gloves.) Sometimes the lost item is more valuable than a random scarf or stray hat though. And that’s why I think this Friday is a perfect day for you to read Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems. In my opinion, this is the classic lost and found story–and it’s hilarious both for students and adults.

Are you looking for a fabulous activity to go with the read-aloud? I took to Pinterest and found oodles of fabulous projects! Click here for my search results! I’m particularly fond of the cute crafts that show Knuffle Bunny in the washing machine. Then, after your engaging activity, take youngsters down to search through your school’s lost and found pile. 🙂

There’s a nice teacher’s guide for the book, too. It’s free; click here to download that as well.

Happy searching!


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