Looking Ahead

I had to run to the drugstore last night for a few things and, unsurprisingly, the Valentine’s Day candy is on display. What did surprise me is that there’s also a selection of Easter candy available. Our world is kind of crazy right now. The cat food shelves are depleted because of supply chain issues, but holiday candy is way ahead of the game. Hey, all I can do is shrug and purchase a peanut butter heart and a peanut butter egg. (I love those things.) 


So to keep up with the candy schedule, I’m going to give you a Valentine’s Day activity. I’ll hold off on Easter though. This awesome center activity gives you a sneak peak at the kind of terrific content you get with The Mailbox® Gold subscription. The subscription gives you the monthly online Mailbox magazine, plus access to our online library of activities and printables for your grade level. (That includes thousands of ideas from our past magazines!) Go here for more information.



P.S. These entertaining first chapter books by Crabtree Publishing Company are designed to help motivate readers to finish longer stories!











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  1. I somehow lost touch with the Mailbox blog during Covid, but I saw this in my email today and I am so glad I opened it! It was so refreshing to read. I even went back and read some of the archived blog posts! Thank you for continuing to provide fun activities and ideas for my preschoolers and older kids, as well!

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